Qualitalia’s mission is to create and develop real original and authentic Italian experiences. For these experiences you do not need an Italian flag, Italian music and recipe’s that sound Italian. All you need is authentic Italian high-quality products, professionalism and the signature touch of Italian hospitality lead by passion. All of our products are personally selected and the very best products from small authentic family businesses, this is where our power lays.



Qualitalia has several official Qualitalia Emporio. These concepts are a great example of our Qualitalia quality where we show the real authentic Italian gastronomy where Qualitalia stands for. 



Qualitalia has several affiliated companies. All companies are obliged to meet a series of criteria that guarantee a certain quality. Qualitalia supports the Bottega’s with product selection, placement and advisory.



Qualitalia sells its expertise to businesses and entrepreneurs who seek advice and guidance for their Italian themed business. This can be within already existing businesses who would like to grow, but this can also be an entrepreneur who needs advice on how to start an Italian store, restaurant or bar 

Nothing but authentic and
high quality products, selected
with passion and love.


Limo & Cello

Qualitalia, created the tastiest Limoncello of the Netherlands. We produce the only authentic limoncello liqueur with lemon peels that remain in the bottle. Our lemons come exclusively from our own orchard in Vico Equense, a beautiful area on the Sorrento Peninsula. The place where the highest quality of lemons grows. The recipe of our liquor has been passed on from many generations and originates from our great Nonna. We use more than 350 grams of lemon peel per liter of limoncello liqueur. This is something unique and this is how the original authentic Limoncello liquor should taste.


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