Qualitalia started in 1996. Fabio created the first transport lines between Italy and the Netherlands. As the director of one of the first Italian wholesalers of the Netherlands he travelled all over Italy to select the very best products from smaal authentic family businesses. After selecting and creating these lines Qualitalia B.V. was founded in 2008 and presents itself as an Italian food consultancy company that supports entrepreneurs in the food industry and companies who want to work with the Italian gastronomy. Qualitalia is a small-scale company with a very personal touch. Qualitalia focuses on creating an original Italian experience in any business.



Fabio Cappellano grew up in an entrepreneurial family in Siracusa, Sicily. In his youth he spent a lot of time with his Nonna Maria. This is where the passion for Italian cuisine originated. She taught him the tricks of the trade. After high school he chose to study in the Netherlands. Fabio came to Delft at the age of 18 to study civil engineering at TU Delft. After a few years he chose his passion. Fabio became director of an Italian wholesaler around his late twenties. During this period he travelled all over Italy to select the very best products from small authentic businesses. After his years at the wholesale industry the first Qualitalia Emporio was founded, Il Tartufo in november 2000.

In 2008, Qualitalia BV was also founded. Fabio assisted many companies passed years with Qualitalia Advisory.
Not only in the Netherlands but also abroad. A great example is Mercato, that Fabio opened in 2014 in Dubai.

To explain what Qualitalia does, we split our company in three main businesses. Qualitalia has his own concepts, Qualitalia Emporio, affiliated concepts, Bottega Italian, and the advisory side, Qualitalia Food Consultancy.









Qualitalia’s mission is to create and develop real original and authentic Italian experiences. For these experiences you do not need an Italian flag, Italian music and recipe’s that sound Italian. All you need is authentic Italian high-quality products, professionalism and the signature touch of Italian hospitality lead by passion. All of our products are personally selected and the very best products from small authentic family businesses, this is where our power lays.