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Qualitalia has several affiliated companies. All companies are obliged to meet a series of criteria that guarantee a certain quality. Qualitalia serves as a guideline for customers which ensures that the products and services are of high quality. Qualitalia supports the Bottega’s with product selection, placement and advisory.

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Benefits of being a Qualitalia Bottega Italian are: advantage of having significant discounts on the products of several suppliers. Moreover, the affiliated stores have the benefit of having their store promoted for free in several advertisements in newspapers, magazines and multiple other (online) locations. On a monthly basis, the affiliated stores have the opportunity to participate in several training, masterclasses and tastings in order for the entrepreneurs to continuously develop their knowledge about the Italian gastronomy. Qualitalia offers the internal advantage of administrative, logistical, fiscal and legal advice. This gives the entrepreneurs the help and assistance where needed.

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