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We love to create original Italian experience.

We love to create original Italian experience. We share our passion and we love to give as original as possible an Italian product without any doubts. We are Italian and we bring in our service more than 25 years experience and a huge network of professionals (International).

We present our company as Italian Food Consultant, with our expertise and network we can provide essential and substantial support to all professionals and companies who want to work with Italianspecialties.

An example of our services:

  • The development of new hospitality concepts;
  • Creating a range of products for Italian delis and supermarkets;
  • The composition of an authentic Italian menu for a restaurant;
  • The guidance for purchasing a wholesale;
  • Marketing and sales for a distributor;
  • The organization of training courses for professionals;
  • The organization of excursions from producers in Italy;
  • And much more...

Company profile

Officially founded in 2008, Qualitalia BV is registered with file number 27291886 at the Chamber of Commerce in Delft.

All necessary documents such as Accounting and General Conditions are registered with the Chamber of Commerce.

Our logo and brand quality has been filed by the European Union brands desk.


Italian Food Consultancy


The company is the result of a business development started with a commercial agency born in 1996, La Buffa Eurotrade, created by our CEO and director Fabio Cappellano. Qualitalia is lead by mr. Cappellano with the support of a managing board formed by Qualitalia’s shops entrepreneurs.

Managing Board:

- Saro Pulvirenti (quality and administration)

- Giuseppe Cappellano (new products)

- Stefano Campailla (marketing & events)

Fabio Cappellano profile:

Perito Agrario (specializing in the production of olive oil and wine), Sicily 1986

Italian Cuisine Master Chef, Parma 2012

Fabio Cappellano is CEO and founder of this Italian company. It is the result of years of work in the Dutch food industry as a promoter of authentic Italian food. Connoisseur of Italian cuisine, with an educated and professional knowledge. Enthusiastic and passionate promoter of Italy. Loyal, analytical and communication skills with tempting.

In 1987 he moved for study at the University of Delft, in The Netherlands, to became a Civil Engineer. Later he decide to change his study for another direction. European Economics at the University of Amsterdam. After a period of working for the Dutch government and for a Engineer company he decide to became an entrepreneur and he start in 1996 is own company, La Buffa Eurotrade.

If you would like to receive more information or are you curious about references of completed projects, please contact us.